6 Reasons Why you Need a Website for your Business or Brand

If you have a business or a brand, there’s a high chance that you don’t have a website for it yet. In this article, we will explain to you why it is highly recommended to have one.

What is a Website

For those who don’t have an idea what a website is. Basically, a website is a web page that can be found on the internet. For instance, PesoAdvice.com is a website, Facebook.com is a website. Anything with a .com .net .org etc. is a website. A website is like a magazine or newspaper but an online version.

What are the contents of a Website

A website can contain basically anything the owner wants. Since we’re talking about business, if your business is house rental for example, you can put the pictures of your houses and add the details like the number of rooms, the prices, your contact number, etc.

Why is having a Website Important for a Business

Now let’s go to the main topic, here are the reasons why you should have a website for your brand if you don’t have one yet.

1. Makes your Business look Professional

How does having a website make your brand look professional? The biggest brands today like Nike (Nike.com), Samsung (Samsung.com), Toyota (Toyota.com), all have a website. Just imagine having your own .com for your business. Trust me when I say when people hear that a business has a website, they tend to trust it more.

2. You can customize it and put anything you want

We are comparing here the following: having your own website vs. only using social media sites like Facebook pages for your business.

Unlike a Facebook page wherein there are a lot of restrictions on what you can post, on your website you can post anything you want without anyone to review it.

Yes Facebook is a website, but you don’t own it and you can’t get your own domain name for your page. You will be using Facebook’s domain (facebook.com/yourbusinessname) instead of your actual business name as the domain name (yourbusinessname.com).

3. You actually own the contents

This is again compared to having a Facebook page. We all know that you don’t actually own your Facebook page, Facebook owns it. You can lose your page once you violate Facebook rules or once you get reported for reasons you don’t know about.

In contrary to having your own website, you don’t need to worry about someone monitoring your every post and upload. And someone like your envy competitors can’t report your page.

We are not against having a Facebook page for your business. Yes, having a Facebook page is highly recommended but it’s just not enough.

4. You Own the Name

Once you register a domain name, for example only: juanphotography.com (the name of your website is what we call the domain name), nobody in the world can register the same domain name juanphotography.com. As for me, when I made a website for my business, it made me feel like a proud owner of a big brand.

5. Easier for your clients to find you

When you let your clients or customers know what your website name is, it would be a lot easier for them to find and contact you. For example, it’s simpler to go to juanrentacar.com than going to Facebook or Google and search for juan rent a car. Your customers might even end up clicking on a different Facebook page with the same name juan rent a car and rent a car there rather from you. We, business owners, know that every client is very important.

6. Save your Customers from potential scams

Another reason why Facebook pages are unreliable is that it is very easy for scammers to create a fake Facebook page pretending to be the real one and use it to scam customers.

Just imagine this scenario:

  1. A customer wants to buy an iPhone 11 from a famous and trusted seller online called “Kim smartphone and accessories”.
  2. The customer will search for “Kim smartphone and accessories” on Facebook and found out that there are so many pages named “Kim smartphone and accessories”.
  3. One page looked legit to the customer, he contacts the page, ordered an iPhone 11, sent the payment through western union.
  4. Few weeks passed by and the customer didn’t receive his order. He tried to contact the page but he was blocked, turns out it was a fake page created by a scammer.

Again we are not against creating a Facebook page for your business, but having your own business website undoubtedly has huge advantages.

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